Grant Writing Pricing

Each situation can vary significantly so we strongly encourage you to contact us directly about your funding needs and for specific grant writing pricing, however, here are some examples of what our services could cost:

Grant Writing Prices

Grant writing pricing can vary greatly based on the specific details of each project, but we pride ourselves in offering our services at a very reasonable rate. The length and complexity of the narrative, additional documents or research required, and how quickly the deadline is approaching all affect cost of a project, which is calculated based on how many hours it should take our team. Please contact us for a more accurate estimation regarding your specific project. Prices do start higher for federal grant applications due to the additional documentation and length required.

  • Frequent or Regular Grant Writing Services – Our team of certified fundraising professionals has the capacity to give your organization regular attention and can be contracted for periods of time rather than individual grant projects. We can save you from the expense of hiring a full-time staff member, which could cost between $40,000 – $80,000 annually, and instead provide similar services for a fraction of that cost on an hourly, monthly or annual basis. Please fill out a form on the Contact Us page to speak to one of the co-founders about what would work best for you.

Consulting Services

We are here to give your organization the best possible chance in a competitive grant application process, and sometimes that means taking additional steps before beginning. Many of these steps can be taken without cost, or you may choose to have us assist you if you do not feel your organization has the capacity. Some organizations could benefit from our expertise to ready themselves which can include document preparation, filing for tax-exempt status, developing a strategic plan, or anything else that may be necessary. We want to build the strongest possible case for you, so we will provide an analysis to each client detailing our recommendations. We encourage you to utilize our free initial consultation to find out where your organization stands!

Individual Services

  • Grant Research -$350. This could vary based on how many funding opportunities you would like us to research on your behalf. The fee for this service is partially waived if you choose to utilize our writing services.
  • Individual Document Preparation – This service includes the creation of required documents for a grant proposal if they do not exist and the client would like us to furnish them. Examples of these documents include: financial reports, various required policies, evaluation plans, etc. Price varies based on complexity of the document.
  • Proofreading and/or Grant Editing Services – We are happy to review and edit a completed or partially completed grant separate from a comprehensive package. The fee will vary based on how much work is necessary. This fee is also waived for those that are utilizing our writing services.

**These fees are in accordance with the generally accepted code of ethics for professional fundraisers, we do not work on commission nor would we ever require a fee from a successful grant award.**